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1080p Videos Finally

Alright guy, so for ages I have not had 1080p videos opting for 720p on my channel primarily for the reason of file sizes. The larger the file size the longer everything takes from processing to uploading and when this channel was just my hobby 720p seemed good enough to me.

Recently though as the channel has grown I have recieved more demand for 1080p HD quality and so recently started exploring how to achieve that while still keeping my file sizes managable. And thanks to some codec tweaks and better editing software I am now able to offer that HD quality you guys want with only a minor raise to file sizes.

So from now on you guys will hav 1080p options on future videos Though do please excuse any oddities you may see in video quality over the coming week as I mess around with settings trying to find my ideal export format.

Kottabos Games

Kottabos Games, trying to bring together the fun of gaming with the joy of wine to those out there in the world like myself (should be fun).

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