StrateZ is the first game being released by Youtuber Kottabos Games and is a casual post-apocalyptic RTS game.  Jump into a destroyed world and take command of one of three factions and fight to survive and take back the wastes …  or you know make it more of a wasteland, your call.


Zombies, the slow moving horde where numbers are everything.

Survivors, Defensive scavengers who rely on range.

Marauders, fast attacking powerhouses that can’t take too much punishment.


Fight your way through 15 separate campaign missions, 5 for each faction, that will take you from the beginning days of the zombie outbreak to the rise of the Marauders.


Enjoy 5 singleplayer maps to play at your leisure where you can set the stage yourself for what you will experience.

Steam Store Page: Click Here



  • Unity RTS Engine - SoumiDelRio

  • Custom Code - Matthew Parnell


  • UI Template - Concrete UI by Michele Bucelli

  • 3D modelling - Multiple packs made by Synty Studios

  • Custom Icon Art - Matthew Parnell

Music & SFX

  • Music - Post Apocalypse by Alexandr Zhelanov

  • UI Sounds - UI Sound Effects Library by Little Robot Sound Factory

  • Interaction sounds - 100 CC0 metal and wood SFX by Rubberduck

  • Warning Sounds by Jerimee

  • Weapon sounds - Q009's weapon sounds by Q009

  • Voices - RTS and MOBA voice pack by WelchCompositions

  • Custom Voice Acting - Matthew Parnell